Wealth management

Wealth management is the teamwork of our professionals. Only by working together, they are able to offer services that would most effectively solve issues that matter to you.

To whom is it for?

For families holding a lot of assets
  • Creation of a private investment and asset management structure
  • Planning of inheritance and property transfer to the younger generation
For investor clubs and like-minded investments
For business partners
  • Transaction services
For private capital and real estate investment execution
  • Asset administration

Why choose us?

  • we will select the most suitable legal structure for convenient and effective management of own investments;
  • we will provide reports reflecting the result of the entire investment portfolio;
  • we will help protect you property from political and legal risks;
  • we will ensure property preservation in the case of inheritance;
  • we will plan payable fees for the transactions of assets located in different countries;
  • we will administer assets intended for charity or support according to your will;
  • we will coordinate the complex asset acquisition or transfer process;
  • we will carry out and coordinate a comprehensive legal and financial due diligence of the acquired assets;
  • we will provide economic forecasts related to appropriate assets;
  • we will attract capital in order to execute a transaction;
  • we will search for potential buyers or sellers.