24 April 2018, Tuesday


In 2017, UAB Orion Asset Management, one of the longest-running asset management companies operating in Lithuania, earned and paid more than 10 million euros of income for investors, produced 3 times more revenue than in 2016 – 2.5 million euros, and generated 1.2 million euros of net profit. The return on investment amounted to over 20% of the total assets managed by the company.

„In 2017, the company achieved the desired goals, and the chosen investment strategies justified our expectations and satisfied our customers. All managed investment directions have shown great results. At the moment, our investment strategies focus on four areas: securities and stocks, alternative investments, mixed investments, and real estate, as a matter of course. The latter class of assets remains in the list of the most popular investments not only in Lithuania but also in the rest of the world“, says Ramūnas Baranauskas, Managing Director of Orion Asset Management.

R.Baranauskas notes that in recent years the company has focused on customer relations and sought to enable them to become real investment partners.

„When choosing investment products, customers must spend not only their personal funds but also their time. Therefore, it is becoming more and more important for them to discuss thoroughly their investment issues and choices with experts. We place great emphasis on the importance of listening to the needs of customers and seeking to offer niche investment solutions in order to help diversify personal investment and provide opportunities for earning money by investing in exclusive asset classes: from artificial intelligence-managed investment portfolio and hedge funds to renewable energy projects or specialised real estate and financing or debt instruments. This is only part of the investment products that we can individually select according to the diversification of the client‘s assets and risk tolerance“, says R. Baranauskas.

Managing Director of the company emphasises that it will keep on strengthening its position in the market in 2018, maintaining the current investment pace. It is continually fostering investment culture in Lithuania and presenting exceptional investment solutions to the market.

„We currently manage 17 investment funds, most of which showed an increase in investments in 2017. And in the near future, we are going to introduce several new ones to the market. Perhaps we can surely say that at the moment we manage one of the widest asset baskets in Lithuania“, states R. Baranauskas.

He notes that the world economy and financial markets with stock price records have reminded and once again proved that investment and the stock market can be irrational, and therefore the right use of investment products and their diversification can help to survive all market disruptions, and achieve significantly higher return on investment than recently rising inflation.

„We will also pay great attention to customer relations and will seek to promote the investment culture, thus contributing to further development of this financial sector“, says R. Baranauskas.

The head of Orion Asset Management emphasises that the highest priority of the company in 2018 will be given to the development and improvement of investment services and products. Close attention will be paid to technologies. The company plans to introduce not only a few new investment solutions to the market by mid-year, but will continue to expand existing funds and increase their value.


For more information contact:

Ramūnas Baranauskas, UAB Orion Asset Management Managing Director, Phone 8 655 58866, E-mail rb@orion.lt


Brief information about UAB Orion Asset Management:

Orion Asset Management (JSC) is one of the most experienced asset management companies in Lithuania. The company entered the Lithuanian market in 2000 as UAB Investicijų portfelių valdymas. Its core business is the management of customer assets and investment funds.

At present, the value of assets under the company‘s management accounts for more than 84 million euros. The company manages 17 investment funds with more than 700 investors.