• „Orion Healthcare & Wellness Fund“ paid dividends to investors

    The investment company “Orion Healthcare & Wellness Fund”, managed by Orion Asset Management, paid out 101 thousand euros to investors in the third quarter this year. Since the establishment of the fund, 313 thousand euros have been paid to investors, which is more than 5% annual dividends.

  • ‘Orion London Property Fund” is expanding its strategy

    The fund managed by the investment management company Orion Asset Management and invests in the London housing market, is making significant strategic changes – expanding geography and investment target, which should increase the return by 50%.

  • Conservative Japanese. What does this mean to foreign investors?

    Investing in Japanese equities can be frustrating because the managements of many Japanese companies don’t seem to care about their shareholders. They do not bother communicating to their shareholders about the current business environment or what they see for the company ahead. How the culture affects investing in Japan?

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