• Orion Healthcare & Wellness Fund paid investors quarterly dividends

    Orion Healthcare & Wellness Fund, an investment company managed by the asset management company Orion Asset Management, paid out 110 thousand euros quarterly dividends to investors. 0.5 million euros has already been paid to investors since the start of operations, which is more than 5% of annual dividends

  • First investment in the Kaunas real estate market

    Our new fund “Orion RE Income Fund I” has invested in commercial real estate in Kaunas, the business center B66. This is the first investment of the Fund in Kaunas real estate. This year, the fund plans to replenish its portfolio with 2-3 new objects.

  • ‘Orion London Property Fund” is expanding its strategy

    The fund managed by the investment management company Orion Asset Management and invests in the London housing market, is making significant strategic changes – expanding geography and investment target, which should increase the return by 50%.

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